“Prozac And Extra-Thick Tinfoil Hats” by Jack Kinsella – Omega Letter Editor

I’ve been getting that same feeling of late as I analyze current events . . . a vague, discomfiting sense that everybody is on Prozac but me, and I am bumping into them just as their meds are starting to wear off.


Then there is the UN’s Kofi Annan. Hezbollah invades Israel and kidnaps Israeli soldiers to hold as hostages, and Kofi Annan puts on HIS tinfoil hat to protect him from Israeli thought-control beams before blaming Israel for putting its soldiers too close to Hezbollah’s reach.
Then he accuses Israel of war crimes for retaliating against a Hezbollah action that, according to the UN’s own international conventions, IS a war crime.
He takes another Prozac and says Hezbollah started it.
When THAT dose wears off, he rethinks his statement. Kofi suddenly realizes that Lebanon is really an innocent victim of Israeli aggression — as if Hezbollah and Lebanon were two entirely different entities on opposite sides of the planet.
Kofi speaks into existence a 15,000 man peacekeeping force and then rushes Israel into withdrawing, as if the force was already there. And, even when the force is in place, Kofi says they have no UN mandate to disarm Hezbollah. How’s that again?
Without any troops, with no defined mission, no logistical system and no idea who will be in charge, Kofi starts demanding Israel provide a timetable for withdrawal, saying in advance that Israel’s unspoken timetable is unsatisfactory.
All the while citing existing UN resolutions requiring the disarmament of Hezbollah as the justification for demanding an Israeli withdrawal as if, somehow, Israel was violating it by trying to disarm Hezbollah.
Another Prozac — and now Israel is in hot water for trying too hard.
As the warm, Prozac-induced fuzziness takes hold, Annan explains that Israel has violated the ‘principle of proportionality’ and then he pretends that such a principle is a globally understood principle of warfare.

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