Study Finds Aborting Brings Teens More Problems Than Giving Birth

There are so many reasons not to have an abortion.
Most often, teens can put their baby up for adoption before it is even born, and in many cases, the potential adoptive parents will cover the expense associated with the pregnancy and birth. I’m trying to find a down side to this, but so far, it seems that in every case, the only loosers to not aborting a baby are the infanticide facilities (abortion clinics) who, of course, wouldn’t make any money without abortions. Yeah, we can really count on them to have the best interest of a young, confused teen at heart, can’t we…NOT!!

(AgapePress) – An assistant professor at Bowling Green State University says even in the event of an unintended teen pregnancy, giving birth is better for teenagers than abortion. A study conducted by BGSU research psychologist Dr. Priscilla Coleman determined that abortion can cause severe mental health problems in young women.
Coleman says she took data from a longitudinal survey of more than 1,000 women to find out the difference between teens who gave birth and teens who aborted an unexpected pregnancy. Her study, published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, evaluated adolescent girls with unintended pregnancies and found that those who aborted their babies were five times more likely to seek help for psychological and emotional problems afterward than those girls who carried their pregnancies to term.
A teenage mother’s bringing of a child into the world is undoubtedly an experience that will afford her some hardships, the researcher acknowledges. “But there are more psychological problems with abortions, even more than with delivering a baby,” she asserts.
The research “speaks pretty loudly,” Coleman observes. “Specifically, we found that only one adolescent who delivered an unintended pregnancy, for every five adolescents who aborted, sought counseling for psychological problems,” she says.


The scientific evidence is now both “strong and compelling,” Coleman contends, that abortion “poses more risks to women than giving birth.” She says these findings really fly in the face of traditional pro-abortion thinking by supporting the idea that, although having a child as a teen creates definite difficulties, a teen is likely to encounter far more problems after an abortion.
In her report, Coleman states that, for “women who feel forced into abortion by others or by life circumstances, negative post-abortion outcomes become more common.” She goes on to note that adolescent girls, being generally far less prepared to assume the responsibilities of parenthood, are logically more vulnerable to being pressured to abort.
Statistics from the Planned Parenthood-affiliated Alan Guttmacher Institute, which tracks U.S. abortion rates, would seem to bear this out. According to the Institute, every year nearly a quarter of all abortions in the U.S. are performed on girls less than 20 years old.
But despite the excellent data supporting her study, Coleman complains that no mainstream news outlets have reported her findings. In fact, she says it took a while to get the Journal of Youth and Adolescence to publish her results.


Compelling Evidence Dismissed by Pro-Abortion Crowd
Other researchers have affirmed the importance of Dr. Coleman’s distinctive study and the validity of her findings. According to LifeSiteNews, one such researcher is Dr. David Reardon with the Elliot Institute. He concurs with Coleman’s data but notes that many pro-abortion individuals and groups regularly dismiss findings that link higher rates of mental illness and behavioral problems to abortion as compared to giving birth.
Reardon says abortion “rights” proponents have long insisted that women who abort fare better than women who carry unintended pregnancies to term. “Coleman’s study addresses this argument,” he contends, “and shows that the facts don’t support abortion advocates’ speculations.”

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  1. Beth says:

    The pro-choice people believe that it is better to kill a baby than to have him/her and worry about him/her finding you later in life. They worry about what people will think about a young mother giving her child up for adoption,so they advocate killing the child and getting rid of any evidence that might hurt the mother’s reputation. What these mothers dont realize is that their reputation will be the last thing they will worry about when its all said and done. No one wants to stress the psychological trauma the mother will experience or the fact that she may never be able to bear any other children. Too bad that little baby doesnt get a say in any of it .

  2. Steve says:

    Abortions need to go away.

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