The Corruption of the Media

The fact (and I do mean “fact”) that the main stream media (MSM) is manipulating the information they report to the word should be a major concern to everyone. Only through the efforts of the blogsphere where the latest “news frauds”, these occurring during the Israel’s war with Hezbollah, identified. Bloggers such as Little Green Footballs, Michele Malkin, Zombietime, Powerline and EU Referendum, to name a few, have exposed numerous instances of photo doctoring, staged events passed off as news and media bias against Israel. Of course once these frauds are discovered and proven, no major network, with the exception of Reuters (who was one of the worse offenders) has offered any retraction or mention that earlier information was incorrect.
Obviously if you are reading our blog, you are not getting all your information concerning world events from the MSM’s. But keep in mind just how many people are. Keep in mind just how many people buy into the MSM’s explanation that the blogsphere is just a bunch of reporter “want-to-be’s” and these same people are happy to be spoon fed whatever the MSM’s decide is truth that day.
Well, the MSM’s have been found out, and eventually, no matter how shallow and dense people are, word of the MSM’s media bias and agenda pushing will get out.

As of 28 August, this is our definitive report on the media coverage of the “Qana” incident on 30 July 2006. This incorporates all changes and corrections since first publication on 23 August, including the addition of two new appendices. Please see links below for access to the parts.

Part 1 – Introduction.
Part 2 – The “set”.
Part 3 – Act 1: The dead baby.
Part 4 – Act 2: The Red Cross workers.
Part 5 – Act 3: The camera runs – Scene 1.
Part 6 – Act 3: The camera runs – Scene 2.
Part 7 – Act 4: Caught in the act!
Part 8 – Discussion and conclusions.

Warning: This link contains graphic images.
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  1. Beth says:

    It is sad the most people believe everything the MSM puts out there. If people see it on the nightly news – it is true (in their mind). The media is a tool of satan to keep the lost people in his corner.

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