“Democrat-Sponsored Bills Tell a Liberal Story” by Susan Jones, CNSNews.com

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Susan Jones
Senior Editor

(CNSNews.com) – Democrats keep criticizing the Republican agenda, so let’s look at some — just some — of the bills introduced in 2005 or 2006 by House Democrats, the Republican Study Committee says.


Crack-Cocaine Equitable Sentencing Act (Rangel, D-NY)-H.R. 2456. Eliminates the mandatory minimum sentence for crack-cocaine convictions.

Freedom of Choice Act (Nadler, D-NY)-H.R. 5151. Creates a right to unrestricted pre-viability abortions, and late terms abortions for the life and health of the mother.

End the War in Iraq Act (McGovern, D-MA)-H.R. 4232. Defunds the War in Iraq, forcing immediate troop withdrawal.

Public Interest Lawyer Assistance Relief Act (Andrews, D-NJ)-H.R. 1753. Forgives the law school debt for attorneys working for a tax-exempt organization or the government.

Social Security Forever Act (Wexler, D-FL)-H.R. 2472. Imposes a new income tax on workers, employers, and self-employed businessmen to fund Social Security. (And since no one seems to remember this, let me remind you, that at its conception, Social Security was a voluntary, temporary savings program towards retirement. It was nothing like what it has metamorphosed into. -ed)

Medicare for All Act (Dingell, D-MI)-H.R. 4683. Increases taxes on workers and employers to offer to all citizens, and other individuals legally present in the U.S., Medicare benefits equivalent to the health care plans federal employees receive.

Menu Education and Labeling Act (DeLauro, D-CT)-H.R. 5563. Regulates what certain restaurants must print on their menus.

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