Israel to step up operations in Gaza

Many of us said at the time that evacuating Gaza and giving it up to the slimy pali Holy Land occupying terrorist was the wrong thing to do. Now the Israeli military is going to have to go back into the area and try to put a stop to rampant arms smuggling and continued rocket attacks.
My heart is very heavy for God’s Chosen People. Not only is the world trying to obliterate them, but their own government is trying as well.
Pray for Israel.

Psalm 68:19
Barukh Adonai yom yom ya’amos-lanu ha’El Yeshuateinu.
Blessed be the Lord, who daily carries our burden; the God of our salvation.
Selah. – Psalm 68:19(20h)

JERUSALEM – The Israel Defense Forces in the coming days will expand its military operations against terrorists in the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told the Knesset today.

“Israel is operating against Hamas centers in Gaza. We will expand the operations, but we will not remain for an extended period in Gaza,” Olmert said.

The prime minister did not publicly announce the new measures he approved for operations in Gaza, which came after a meeting Thursday with the senior IDF leadership.

Israel withdrew from Gaza in the summer of 2005. Since then, Palestinians regularly have fired rockets at nearby Jewish communities. Terror groups reportedly smuggled hundreds of tons of weapons into the Gaza Strip as terror leaders there openly tell WND they are preparing for a confrontation with Israel.

One week ago, WND broke the story the Israeli military was set to present battle plans for approval by the government here for a large-scale Gaza offensive, including possible reoccupation of parts of the territory, according to senior IDF officers.

The officials said the offensive is “crucial” for Israel’s security and would be the largest military operation launched against Palestinian terror groups in Gaza since Israel evacuated the territory last year. But the officials said they were worried the Gaza assault may be “watered down” by Olmert for political reasons.

As WND reported, senior IDF officials told Israel’s Knesset earlier this month more than 20 tons of weapons have been brought into Gaza from the neighboring Sinai desert in the last 10 months alone, including a large number of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles.

WND also obtained a report by the intelligence branch of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party which stated Hamas has smuggled between several hundred and 1,300 tons of weapons from Egypt into the Gaza Strip, including advance rockets; anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles; rocket-propelled grenades; raw explosives; rifles; ammunition; and other heavy weaponry.

Yuval Diskin, director of Israel’s Shin Bet Security Services, told the Knesset last month there are major fears Palestinian terror groups are “turning Gaza into south Lebanon.”

Diskin was referring to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia’s development in south Lebanon of large rocket and weapons arsenals for use against Israel.

In a deal brokered in November by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the Egypt-Gaza border, once controlled by the Jewish state, now is manned by Egyptian and Palestinian security officials and observed by European monitors. The monitors reportedly have fled their duty several times the past few months.

Israeli security officials have noted multiple breaches in border security, including the open transport of terrorists and weapons across the border. They say several key sections of the border are penetrable, and smuggling tunnels that snake under the border are “thriving.”

Since Israel’s Gaza withdrawal, Palestinian terror groups have been regularly firing rockets at Jewish communities neighboring the Gaza Strip. The targeted communities are inside what is referred to as “pre-1967 Israel,” meaning territory certified by the international community as unquestionably part of the Jewish state.

The IDF launched a major ground invasion of Gaza in June following the raid of an Israeli military installation just outside Gaza during which Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was kidnapped. Since then, most Israeli operations inside Gaza were surgical and mostly utilized small numbers of ground troops.

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