Colorado Newspaper Advises Readers to Vote Agaisnt ‘Gay Marriage’

After much research a Colorado newspaper ecouraged its readers to vote against the ‘gay marriage’ amendment. New Jersey’s recent decision should be a wake-up call to all Chrisitans in America (and the rest of the world as well). God’s people need to vote for His values. Gay Marriage, same-sex union, or whatever politically correct term they are using is not what God intends for marriage to be.

Eight states have on their election ballots next week proposals to set requirements in their constitutions that a marriage involves one man and one woman. Many mainstream media outlets, if they don’t advocate outright for same-sex wedding bells, are saying such actions are unnecessary, but one newspaper has given its readers a wake-up call.
That newspaper, the Grand Junction, Colo., Sentinel, earlier had recommended against approval for a state ballot initiative that would add to the Centennial State’s Constitution the Biblical and historically traditional definition of marriage.
Then came New Jersey.
That state’s Supreme Court recently said the state Legislature there must find a way to grant the benefits of marriage to same-sex couples.
“A few weeks ago, this corner reasoned that because state law already clearly defines marriage as a union only between one man and one woman, there was no need to formalize such language in the state Constitution. The decision of the New Jersey Supreme Court this week has changed our view.”
The newspaper continued with a description of the decision, that in effect had one branch of government ordering another what to do. In this case the courts ordered lawmakers that within 180 days they must either come up with a law endorsing homosexual marriage or “some creature that is not called marriage, but provides all of the rights, benefits and requirements of marriage for gay couples.”
In Colorado next week there will be conflicting issues on the ballot. Amendment 43 would establish the one-man-one-woman definition of marriage in the constitution; a plan called Referendum I would create “gay marriage” by another name.

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