Abrupt US Withdrawal Would Be ‘Utterly Disastrous’

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It goes without saying, but this is exactly what the Dems have in mind. Remember, they are driven by the “anything to make Bush look bad” mentality. They don’t really care if it’s the right thing to do or not, just as long as it makes the President look bad.

Baghdad (CNSNews.com) – An abrupt withdrawal of American troops from Iraq would be a “disaster for Iraqis and for the region,” Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for National Security Dr. Barham Salih told Cybercast News Service in a one-on-one interview in his offices in Baghdad on Sunday.

“Iraqis want to assume the lead in the defense of the security of the country,” Salih said. “This is something that should be celebrated. But I think we will need American military support for some time to come.”

From his perspective as an Iraqi government official, Salih admitted that the current strategy in Iraq is “not working fast enough” for the Iraqis or for the United States. “Unless the natives of the land take charge, be responsible and defend the interests of the nation, the United States cannot help us,” he said. He sees the U.S. role as helping Iraqis help themselves.

Salih repeated that an abrupt U.S. troop withdrawal “would be utterly disastrous,” but he also said he doesn’t think that will happen.

“The pain and frustration that many Americans feel about Iraq is understandable…The reality of the situation is that Iraq is going through a very, very tough transition. If anything, this has been tougher than we expected,” he said.

“The stakes are very high here. I think it’s fair to say that the overwhelming majority of Iraqis reject the violence…they want to utilize the resources of their country and live in a democracy. We have tasted freedom, we have witnessed freedom, and despite the violence, despite the difficulties . . . we would not be willing to go back under the old dictatorship.”

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  1. Beth said,

    November 15, 2006 at 12:51 pm

    It will be disastrous, but you can mark your calendar that it will happen with the Dems in charge now.

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