Openly Gay Man to Speak at Saddleback

Okay, I have kept my opinions about this to myself for as long as humanly possible. Unless you live under a rock, you probably know who Rick Warren is, but for all rock-dwellers let me fill you in. Rick Warren is the pastor of Saddleback Church in California, which is one of the largest “seeker-friendly” churches in America. We have all heard the news that “Barack Obomination”, a pro-abortion Senator, spoke at Saddleback Church. Now, Pastor Warren has asked Mark Dybul, Global AIDS Coordinator, to speak at Saddleback. Dybul, who is an open homosexual, was recently appointed by Condoleeza Rice. You may remember that when Dybul was sworn in, Ms. Rice referred to his lover’s parents as his ‘in-laws’. This man’s lifestyle proves that he is not interested in the things of God, so what purpose will it serve to have him speak in God’s church? Pastor Warren’s desire to help victims of AIDS is a noble cause, but compromising Christian values will not help anyone.

Well, it only gets worse. In all our focusing on the Barack Obama-nation (that one came from Janet Folger), we have not focused enough on the rest of the sordid line-up at Saddleback’s AIDS Show. With his gay lover watching, Mark Dybul was recently sworn in by Condoleeza Rice as global AIDS coordinator. Here’s the story from the Washington Blade of the swearing in ceremony where Dybul’s gay lover Jason held the Bible while Dybul was sworn in as “Ambassador” to AIDS. Now Rick Warren thinks he has answers for Christians at his Global Summit on AIDS and the Church. It is the homosexual rebellion against God’s Law that started the AIDS crisis in America over 20 years ago in San Fransisco. Let’s see: Rick Warren is bringing in a radical abortion loving Senator, a homosexual Ambassador and a Fidel Castro loving Calvin Butts. Stay tuned…

Here’s another story about it from the New York times that further describes how gay compromised the Republican Party is at the highest levels.

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  1. Job says:

    This is horrible. We are supposed to love and help all people walk in God’s light. We are not supposed to give them a forum in which to proliferate their sin.

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