Twin Teachers Busted Over Lewd Act with Student

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I counted 74 offenders listed in the WorldNetDaily article. Take note of something here; this is over approximately a ten year period, with more in the last five years then in the previous five, and this covers only the ones WorldNetDaily reported on.
This is a trend that all parents should be up in arms about. What makes these teachers think there is anything right about these “relationships” is beyond me. To say we are having an epidemic is an understatement.
All of these offenders should be punished as hard as possible.

Twin sisters – both teachers – have been arrested in Southern California in connection with alleged lewd acts with an underage female student.

Franca and Antonia Munoz-Juvera, 26, were taken into custody at their apartment Thursday evening in Rancho Cucamonga by Riverside County sheriff’s detectives. An 18-year-old woman living with the sisters, Eileen Valerio, was arrested as well, the North County Times reported.

Both Munoz-Juvera sisters are first-year teachers at Lakeside High School in the Lake Elsinore Unified School District. Franca teaches math and Antonia teaches science.

Detectives initially went to the apartment intending to arrest only Franca Munoz-Juvera after being told there had been “unlawful contact” between her and a female student.

Details of the alleged crime or the age of the victim have not yet been given.

Police arrested her sister, Antonia, after they became aware that she allegedly knew what had occurred and hadn’t reported it.

Under California law, school teachers are mandatory reporters, required to notify authorities whenever they have knowledge of sexual molestation of minors.

“We found out Antonia knew of the relationship and did nothing,” Cpl. Dennis Gutierrez said.

Without providing details, Gutierrez said that Valerio, the roommate, was also arrested because she had “facilitated the crime.”

Franca Munoz-Juvera was booked on suspicion of committing lewd acts with a minor – a felony. Antonia Munoz-Juvera and Valerio were booked on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal acts and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Both teachers have been placed on administrative leave while the district investigates.

Teacher ‘sexpidemic’

The phenomenon of teachers accused or convicted of having sex with their students has come to the forefront of national and international news in recent years.

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  1. elizabeth said,

    February 20, 2008 at 12:06 am

    Altough this was a very bad desicion on both parties behalves, i do not think that it was based on bad intenions. I knew the munoz twins before this happened and so did many of my freinds beacuse they used to teach at my school and they were both favorites among the students. they were very funny and intelligent teachers. However i dont agree with what franca munoz choose to do i still think she is a good person that just made a very wrong desicion.

  2. Steve said,

    February 20, 2008 at 6:38 am

    Thank you for the comment. It is good to hear from someone who knows these people.
    The point I want to make is this:
    Good decision or bad decision notwithstanding, why did they believe, for even one minute, that this was something they could do?
    They knew it was wrong and they did it anyway.

  3. Ansa said,

    May 19, 2008 at 1:45 am

    wow. Can’t believe they did this. I played softball with the girls and was very good friends with them. I can’t believe they did this. sin is the root of many problems.

  4. Steve said,

    May 19, 2008 at 6:30 am

    People often do things we don’t believe they could ever do. Sin is rampant in our world.
    Continue to pray for these offenders and know that even though they have done a horrible thing, that God offers them the same forgiveness that He offers to all repentant sinners.

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