And From Little Green Footballs, About the Eilat Bombing, “CAIR: Silent Again”

That’s right folks, the poster group of “we aren’t paranoid, we just know everyone is an islamaphobe”, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), doesn’t condemn the bombing at all. Well, you know, it was only a few Zionist invaders (slimy pali terrorist speak for innocent Israeli civilians), so CAIR won’t waste the web space denouncing it. Truth be known, they are probably celebrating it.

In an idle moment I wondered whether the Council on American Islamic Relations had anything to say about the suicide bombing today in Eilat, with all that Saudi money and all those staff members watching for any Islam-related stories. Let’s browse over to their site, shall we?

Nope. Not a single word. Surprised? Not me.

But how many complaints of victimhood can you count on their front page?

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