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“The educational bureaucracy expects the state to accommodate every possible bizarre cultural mutation and lifestyle, but finds prayer at graduation an intolerable and fatal compromise of state neutrality toward religion.” (Lapin. Ibid. p. 160)

“What is clear to me is that by removing religious references from the classroom, an anti-Judeo-Christian religion has taken its place.” (Rabbi Daniel Lapin. America’s Real War . p. 34)

“(Concerning the ACLU), they see the separation of church and state as so absolute that not a single religious word must be allowed to pass a schoolhouse door.” (Nat Hentoff, former ACLU board member and atheist)

“In 1983, the President’s Commission on Education reported that education in America ‘began to disintegrate 20 years ago.’ But no reference was made to the 1963 Supreme Court ruling.” (Bill Bright. Kingdoms at War. p. 14)

“The expenses of the paperwork and court fees involved in pursuing the appeal through the courts were not too high. In fact, as I recall, removing prayer from U.S. public schools cost less than $20,000…no Christian organization filed a brief in support of our opponents (Baltimore Board of Education).” (Bill Murray. Son of Madalyn Murray O’Hair. My Life Without God . 1982.)

And we wonder why Christians are ignored while our children are taught all kinds of un-Biblical beliefs at school.

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