Palis Get Really Stupid and Riot over Repairs to Jerusalem Holy Site

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Are the palis really this ignorant? Is there any logical thought processes going on in any of their minds, or are their brains all just mush from all the nonsense the Muslim religious leaders have been feeding them all these years.
OK, let’s all take a deep breath, put away your insane, mis-directed hatred of all things Israel and Jewish, and have a logical thought. If you take time to see what they are actually doing, you will see that Israel is trying to save your little pali necks by rebuilding a section of the walkway, that is in danger of collapse, that y’all use to get up to your mosque.
I keep seeing the picture, in my mind, of someone sawing off the limb of a tree while they are sitting on it, because this is exactly what the pali’s are doing.
Do you pali’s know anything other than what a religious leader spoon feeds you? Do you have any original thoughts of your own? Doesn’t look like it to me.

Violence has broken out at Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque after Israeli police moved in to break up crowds of stone-throwing Palestinian protesters.

Hundreds of police poured into the disputed holy site in the Old City, firing rubber bullets and tear gas.

There are reports that a number of Palestinians protesters have barricaded themselves inside the mosque.

They have been angered by controversial renovation work on Temple Mount, known to Muslims as the Haram al-Sharif.

Plan of the holy sites

The building work is a prelude to the construction of a new walkway leading to the compound containing the mosque – Islam’s third holiest site.

Palestinians say it could damage the foundations of the compound and Muslim leaders had called for a “day of anger” on Friday to voice their opposition to the move. (Keep in mind that this is the same group that made huge open area “mosque” in the foundations of the mount years ago. Exactly who is compromising the foundation more, the Israelis building a walkway or the palis for digging out the foundation and leaving huge voids in it that are just asking to collapse? -ed.)

The Israeli authorities say renovations are needed to safeguard the ancient site and have guaranteed that there will be no structural damage to the area.

The compound is also revered by Jews as the site of their biblical temples. (Wow BBC, you actually got around to mentioning this, kind of. A little media bias today? -ed)

Israeli police say 17 protesters and 15 police officers have been injured in the clashes.

Sheikh Mohammad Hussein, who is holed up inside the mosque, spoke to the BBC by telephone saying that Israeli forces had thrown a cordon around the area and were not allowing anyone in or out.

“We are besieged. Ambulances are not allowed to enter to evacuate the injured Palestinian people. Paramedics are offering first aid to them,” he said. (Dude, if y’all hadn’t rioted over a stupid reason in the first place, y’all won’t need ambulances. Guess you reap what you sow. -ed)

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  1. Beth said,

    February 9, 2007 at 9:06 am

    In answer to your first question: yes, they really are that ignorant. Sad, but true.

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