“Desperate Search for ‘Peace-Loving’ Palestinians” by Hal Lindsey

The whole world seems to be trying to push the Israelis into the elusive “two-states-living-side-by-side-in-peace” solution. And all of this despite an avalanche of hard evidence that there is no such thing as a “peace-seeking Muslim Palestinian.” Just ask the Christian Palestinians who have been driven from their centuries-old homes in Bethlehem by them.

It is like 1938 when the world, led by England’s Neville Chamberlain, was trying to convince Poland and Czechoslovakia to accept the “peace-loving Nazis” of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich as “peace partners.” Ah yes, “Peace in our times” – it had such a nice ring to it. But the appeasers then found out what every non-realist does who lacks the courage to face the facts and act.

It is hard to imagine that the world can possibly be so willfully ignorant of the obvious as it is when it comes to the so-called Israeli “peace process.” The Palestinians don’t want peace. They clearly and outspokenly want the annihilation of the State of Israel. One doesn’t have to read between the lines to discover this shocking truth. It couldn’t be more obvious.

Note the way that PA Interior Minister Sa’id Siam spoke last week: “If any Hamas member ever recognized Israel, he would be ejected from the movement. … There isn’t a chance any Hamas leader will ever recognize Israel. We will not betray our values. … We will leave this world as martyrs without recognizing Israel.” Yeah! No diplomatic double-speak there.

The European monitors who leapt at the chance to take up positions along the border between Egypt and Gaza to ensure Israel wouldn’t close it off as a security threat are making contingency escape plans in the event the “peace-loving” Palestinians suddenly turn on them.

According to the Jerusalem Post, “They say their lives are being threatened by their Palestinian hosts, who are evidently ungrateful for their unwitting assistance in smuggling an estimated 30 tons of heavy weapons into Gaza from Egypt over the past two years.”

The Post reported that the head of the 80-European force met with the Israelis to plan their escape route. They worked out a plan where the Europeans would make a run for the security fence, where they would be rescued from raging hordes of “peaceful Palestinians” by the “warmongering” Israeli Defense Forces who would be waiting to protect them.

At least there are 80 Europeans who know the Palestinians don’t want peace with Israel. They don’t need any more convincing. And it can’t be said that they don’t have on-site knowledge.

Furthermore, this “Everlasting Hatred” is being perpetuated in the Palestinian school system. Israeli Parliament member Michael Melchoir just reported on his comprehensive review of the PA’s new 12th grade school textbook. Melchoir said, “The findings make it clear the ‘Palestinians’ do not view the conflict as merely being a land dispute that can ‘be resolved by partition,’ but rather as ‘an existential religious conflict that cannot be resolved.'” (Jerusalem Post, March 21)

When Melchoir presented this evidence to Hillary Clinton, even she was appalled. She blasted the Palestinians by saying that this is “the deliberate poisoning of the minds of Palestinian children” and suggested “perhaps Abbas and his Fatah-controlled PLO are not true peace partners after all.” Now there is a real grasping of the obvious.

But the world continues to insist that the Palestinians want peace, despite the evidence. And they insist that the obstacle to peace is Israel … but they leave the rest of the sentence unfinished out of politeness. Israel’s only obstacle to peace is its existence.

The world’s leadership knows this. How could they help but know this. It couldn’t be more obvious. Even a consummate politician couldn’t block out the evidence.

Hamas and Hezbollah have decided to bury their differences between their Shiite and Sunni sects and cooperate in their shared goal: the obliteration of Israel. It is the old Muslim doctrine of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” at work. Shiite Iran is training Sunni members of Hamas to serve in a Hamas-led Palestinian Army. Now that is the “purpose driven life” in action, Muslim style.

It is a matter of settled Palestinian law that selling land in the Palestinian-controlled territories to Jews is a capital crime punishable by death. Every centimeter of Palestinian-controlled land becomes immediately “ethnically cleansed” of all Jews. But the world’s sympathy on this issue is reversed when it comes to the Palestinians. The Palestinians demand that any “peace deal” must include the “right of return” to millions of Palestinians to move into Israel proper. This is like Cleopatra embracing the Cobra to her breast on a national scale. New waves of suicide bombers would be living inside the heart of Israel.

The world cannot be ignorant of the inequity of that equation. Jews are not welcome in “Palestine” under any circumstances. Yet world leaders still argue that Israel’s refusal to allow itself to be outnumbered by Palestinians hostile to its existence is the primary “obstacle” to peace?

How can any civilized world leader claim ignorance of these facts? Especially our president, George Bush. It is impossible. That leaves me with only one alternative explanation. It’s the same explanation that made Hitler’s Holocaust possible 70 years ago.

The “civilized” world leadership knows the national goal of the Palestinian people is the destruction of Israel.

But it must be OK with them. Provided Israel doesn’t “inconvenience their consciences” with too much noise in the process. Can’t they just go quietly to the gas chambers as before? Only this time, their destruction won’t even be that humane. Maybe they can persuade the media not to show the butchery of Israeli citizens in the streets of Israel on the evening news. That might disturb their “civilized” constituents.

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2 Responses to ““Desperate Search for ‘Peace-Loving’ Palestinians” by Hal Lindsey”

  1. michael says:

    Interesting comparison to Chamberlain Munich debacle… What is infuriating, though, is the difference between then and now:
    In 1938, Britain lacked the military strength to stand up to Germany; now, however, the US “led” West is far stronger, military, than any combination of Islamist opponents. And yet we want to appease…

    Appeasement does not win; it only makes the appeaser look weak, and thereby encourages more aggression.

  2. Steve says:

    You are very right, Michael.
    Appeasement has never accomplished anything. Particularly do with the Muslims.

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