Pakistani Christians Assaulted at Muslim Festival

(Sarcasm) Yes, more wonderful examples of the peaceful and tolerant nature of those ever loving Muslims. Can’t you just feel the love pouring off of them? Shouldn’t there wonderful tolerance of all things non-Muslim be an example to us all? (sarcasm off).
Yup, there you have it, folks. Once again, another example of violence from Muslims.

Christians in Pakistan continue to face harassment by Muslims, who are upset over the boldness of many believers. A spokesman for Voice of the Martyrs says a team of Pakistani Christians was beaten recently as they handed out gospel tracts at a Muslim festival.

The four-member team of evangelists distributed more than 13,000 tracts before a mob of more than 100 Muslims attacked and beat them. VOM spokesman Todd Nettleton explains that the evangelists were in hostile territory. “The best way to describe it,” says Nettleton, “is sort of a revival meeting for radical Muslims.”

According to the VOM spokesman, speakers at the Muslim festival were “trying to incite people to be better Muslims, trying to incite people to jihad.” But Christians at the festival who were “telling people about Jesus and encouraging them to follow Christ” was “obviously was seen as a threat,” says Nettleton.

After being beaten, the evangelists were taken to a police station, where they were detained and questioned before being released. VOM provided medical care for the evangelists afterwards.

Despite the harassment and beating often faced by believers in many Muslim nations, Nettleton says Christianity continues to flourish. “It’s very difficult to be a Christian in some of these places, but the exciting thing is to see Christians who are being such a bold witness for Christ,” he shares.

The VOM spokesman cites the incident involving the evangelists at the festival as an example of that dedication. “Even knowing that they were taking a great risk, knowing even that their lives were in danger, still they chose to be at this Muslim festival — and they chose to be actively witnessing for Christ there,” he says.

Nettleton is hopeful the Pakistani Christians’ efforts at the festival were not in vain. “We don’t know what’s going to happen with those tracts,” he says. “We pray that the Lord will use those to reach some of these hearts and to change their hearts for Him.”

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