America Unprepared for ‘Likely’ Nuke Attack

No surprise in this statement.
Of course the simple solution of closing our borders seems to have escaped our lawmakers and government agencies completely.
My opinion: It is only a matter of time before this happens.

WASHINGTON – The most extensive study of the effects of nuclear detonations in four major U.S. cities paints a grim picture of millions of deaths, overwhelmed hospitals and loss of command-and-control capability by government.

But the three-year study by researchers at the Center for Mass Destruction Defense at the University of Georgia says a concerted effort to teach civilians what to do in the event of a nuclear attack is the best – perhaps only – thing that could save an untold number of lives that will otherwise be needlessly lost.

“If a nuclear detonation were to occur in a downtown area, the picture would be bleak there,” said Cham Dallas, director of the program and professor in the college of pharmacy. “But in urban areas farther from the detonation, there actually is quite a bit that we can do. In certain areas, it may be possible to turn the death rate from 90 percent in some burn populations to probably 20 or 30 percent – and those are very big differences – simply by being prepared well in advance.”

While America was once prepared for nuclear war with civil defense shelters stocked with food and supplies and educational programs on how to react to a detonation, the report says the threat of a nuclear attack within the U.S. has grown significantly in recent years.

“The likelihood of a nuclear attack in an American city is steadily increasing, and the consequences will be overwhelming,” said Dallas. “So we need to substantially increase our preparation.”

The study looked at the impact of nuclear detonations of two sizes in New York, Washington, Chicago and Atlanta. Both 20-kiloton and 550-kiloton blasts were modeled in what the authors claim is the most advanced and detailed simulation published in open scientific literature.

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But rest assured, that should I fall to the terrorist, the blog will go on. The website is paid up for a year and Beth will carry on the blog for us. She will execute Contingency Plan 14753A-93412 Omega.
OK, we really don’t have a Contingency Plan 14753A-93412 Omega, but it sure looked cool when I typed it. What we do have is a promise between us, that if one us dies, the other will continue using the blog to spread the Word of God as long as possible.
Now if Jesus returns…well, for everyone left behind…sorry…neither one of us will be here.

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  1. Beth says:

    What? Are you kidding me? There really is no Contingency Plan 14753A-93412 Omega? It sounds really secret agent/Mission Impossible/007.
    You are very right in what you said, neither of us will be here when the Rapture occurs, but if the terrorists get you first – I will blog till my fingers fall off!

  2. Steve says:

    Thank you Sister!! Right back at Ya!!

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