United Methodist Church Criticized for Pro-Abortion Alliance

I’d like to begin a grassroots effort to send used, but in good condition, Bibles to the leadership of the United Methodist Church (UMC). They apparently have lost their Bibles and don’t recall what is written in them concerning homosexuality and abortion.
I know, I know…you say “the Bible never specifically mentions ‘homosexuality’ or ‘abortion’.” I wish to assure you that even though the Bible never uses these modern terms, the concepts are very well addressed and no great amount of inference is necessary to realize that it condemns, in no uncertain terms, both of these practices.
Now, apparently UMC is a supporter of The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. This latter group has come out strongly against the Supreme Court’s ruling banning the “partial birth abortion” procedure.
If you are not familiar with the partial birth abortion procedure, let me walk you through an overview.
First, the baby is partially delivered, feet first. Then a sharp instrument is smashed into the back of it’s head, producing a hole. A suction tube is inserted into the hole and the baby’s brain is sucked out of it’s head. The head looses shape without the supporting structure of the brain and the corpse is then more easily removed from the birth canal.
Can you see why this procedure needed to be banned? It reads more like a grade “C” horror movie scene than a legitimate surgical procedure. Also, it pushed the “gray area” of live birth. In other words, the people advocating this procedure maintained that even though the baby was 90% birthed, it (the head) was still in the birth canal, and therefore the baby was fair game for an abortion.
These are the type of people the UMC leadership is supporting.

The United Methodist Church is being criticized for its alliance with a pro-abortion coalition. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice has come out against the U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding the ban on partial-birth abortion, calling it a “serious setback.” The pro-abortion group is supported by several mainline Christian denominations, including the United Methodist Church.

Mark Tooley with the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) says this alliance between the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and the United Methodist Church does not make sense. But unfortunately, he notes, “this has been the trend among liberal mainline Protestant denominations over the last 40 years.”

It was several of these liberal denominations, not just the Methodists, that helped to create this abortion coalition back in the early 1970s, Tooley points out. “And unfortunately,” he says, “the officers and the bureaucrats and the theologians of many of these mainline denominations heed the demands of feminist theology and the very aura of the sexual revolution.”

In that process, the IRD spokesman adds, these churches “set aside historic Christian teachings, which — of course — disapprove of abortion.”

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