Transgender Methodist Minister Has Blessing of the Congregation

Okay the last line of this article really mystifies me. It says, “The Methodist Church bans openly gay clergy, but has no rules about transgender pastors.” Ummmm……. Does the Methodist church have a Bible laying around somewhere? This is definitely an extreme case of the end times ‘falling away’ the Bible tells us about.

Rev. Drew Pheonix says he has had a “spiritual transformation” that apparently is a sexual transformation. In the past year, Rev. Ann Gordon has changed identities to become Rev. Drew Pheonix. The congregation of St. Johns United Methodist Church on St. Paul Street supports the pastor. In fact, in the five years the Reverand has ministered at the church membership has more than tripled.
Neal Gallico lives next door to the Charles Village church and says, “It makes more sense to me if you arrive at that juncture in your life and you make that decision that you’ve been in the wrong body for this number of years than it’s a good step and it’s a mature step.” Max Berest agrees adding, “It’s all about if he inspires people and if his congregation is comfortable with it, it doesn’t really matter.”

However, some conservatives in the group United Methodist Action were appalled releasing a statement saying, “Someone struggling with sexual identity issues needs the ministry and guidance of the Church. But the Church would be wrong to bless a so-called sexual identity change, with or without surgery.”

It is unclear if the Rev. Pheonix has had an operation but admits to seeking medical attention. The Reverand was greeted with open arms as he asked for an official name change before the Church’s Regional Conference in Washington, DC.

The Methodist Church bans openly gay clergy, but has no rules about transgender pastors.

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