Immigration Bill Benefits Aliens Not America

No one is saying that we should mistreat illegals, if fact, quite the opposite. What needs to be done is to treat all illegals equally. The only fair way to take care of this problem is to make everyone come here in the same manner. All illegals should be sent back to their home country until they are able to obtain the proper paperwork to come come here. It is absurd to allow illegals to disobey our laws and then condone it. Only in America where we have so many bleeding-heart liberals (who also want the minority vote, by the way) would people be allowed to show total disregard for our laws and be rewarded for it.

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) says the so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” bill in the Senate should be based on the needs of the United States, not on the needs of people who want to come into the country. He says he will not vote for the Senate immigration bill because it “undermines the rule of law.”

Senator Coburn says illegal aliens should be treated with compassion, but not given a “pathway to citizenship” unless they do the same things others have done who have entered the country legally. “We ought to have an immigration policy that’s about us, not about people who want to come here,” he insists.

“Canada’s been very successful on having an immigration policy based on a point system, based on what you can do for Canada, not what Canada can do for you,” the Oklahoma Republican points out. “There are 50 million people who have applications right now that come into this country, and many of them are highly qualified people,” he says. ” Many of them have skills — we ought to recognize what benefits us.”

Curbing the problem of illegal immigration should be handled with a staged approach involving border security and workplace verification first before any guest worker program is put into effect, Coburn suggests. The 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens failed because “we don’t have border security and employment verification,” he asserts.

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