John Edwards Trashing Troops on Memorial Day?

John Edwards is confused on many levels. He is definitely confused about how to celebrate Memorial Day. Someone should tell him that Memorial Day is a day to honor the troops who have defended our country in the past and who now serve in our military. It is not a day to protest their efforts. (Someone should also tell him that $500 is too much for a haircut, that you can’t fly in private jets and decry global warming, and that he has no chance of ever becoming president).

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is being accused of using the Memorial Day weekend to “trash the sacrifice, honor and glory of American soldiers.” Edwards’ critics say his decision to urge his liberal supporters to use the weekend to protest the Iraq war will backfire on the former North Carolina senator.
Peter Ferrara, general counsel for the American Civil Rights Union, says Memorial Day observances are not an appropriate venue to protest the war. “These Memorial Day events are not about the war in Iraq, so they’re not a place to protest” he declares. “They’re about celebrating the sacrifice and the honor and the glory of our American soldiers and people who serve in the Armed Forces. So, you are tarnishing that with these foolish protests.”

According to Ferrara, Edwards does not understand and wants to “laugh off” the threat of terrorism facing Americans. The conservative attorney, who served in the Reagan White House, contends the former senator wants to leave half of Iraq to al-Qaeda — and he admits he does not understand Edwards’ opposition to the Iraq war.

“We have the Iranian government leadership, which is threatening America with the development of nuclear weapons and openly challenging us with their use against us and our allies,” says Ferrara, setting the stage. “And what John Edwards wants to do is flee Iraq and leave the other half of it to these Iranian crazies, where both these operations would be able to use the place as a base for further attacks against us and our allies. What is he thinking?”

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