Judge Upholds Ban on Christian Prayers in Indiana Legislature

Looks like this one is going to have to go up the ladder to get overturned.

WASHINGTON – A federal judge in Indianapolis says he won’t reconsider his decision barring the Indiana House of Representatives from opening its sessions with specifically Christian prayers.
Republican House Speaker
Brian Bosma had asked U.S.District Judge David Hamilton to reconsider the Nov. 30 ruling, saying it was too vague to enforce.
The state attorney general’s office also has asked the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago to review the decision.
Hamilton ruled that invocations could not mention
Jesus Christ or use Christian terms such as savior because they amount to state endorsement of a religion.
Yesterday, Hamilton said if the speaker or others try to evade the injunction, the court will take “appropriate measures” to enforce it.

2 Responses to “Judge Upholds Ban on Christian Prayers in Indiana Legislature”

  1. beth says:

    I ask this question in all sincerity: What do these people say in their prayer if not mentioning God? Oh great universe, please help us? What could a prayer without mentioning God or asking for His guidance sound like? I am so confused by that – maybe its just me, but what is the point in even praying. If you giving a public invocation and you arent talking to God – then basically your not praying you are just talking to hear yourself talk.

  2. It does defy logic, but don’t ask a liberal activist judge to use logic. He/She is too busy legislating.

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