Yet Another Problem with the Amnesty Bill

One more problem with the amnesty bill…

A black conservative activist who has worked hard to end Affirmative Action says millions of illegal immigrants would instantly go the front of the line for preferential treatment if Senate Bill 1348 — the so-called “comprehensive immigration reform bill” — becomes law.

Ward Connerly, chairman of the Sacramento-based American Civil Rights Institute (ACRI), says if the amnesty bill becomes law, millions of newly amnestied Hispanics would automatically qualify for special race-based preferences because individuals of Mexican descent are already considered an officially sanctioned, under-represented minority in the U.S.

“Under-represented minorities, who are typically black, Hispanic, and Native American, receive race-based preferences and public employment, public education, and public contracting,” he explains. “So that means that if someone is legalized by Senate Bill 1348 — and that individual is an under-represented minority — that individual would instantly become eligible for Affirmative Action preferences.”

Connerly explains that in some places, Hispanics are not really a numerical minority at all. “A minority is someone who is — quote — ‘socially and economically disadvantaged,'” he says. “And so you can have a circumstance, as we really almost do right now in California, where someone who is of Mexican descent is considered socially and economically disadvantaged — and yet they are a numerical majority.”

The ACRI chairman says it would be completely unfair to U.S. citizens to give preferences to amnestied individuals. “I think no one should get a preference in this country,” says the activist, “but certainly one would be hard pressed to justify giving preferences to amnestied individuals over an American citizen. That, to me, just makes no sense.”

Connerly says not only would amnestied individuals move ahead of American citizens, but they would also gain privileges over immigrants from countries like Russia — because they would be part of an under-represented minority.

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