Film Spoofs The Ten Commandments

If this film were a spoof of the Quran, we would be seeing Muslims rioting and burning things (they always burn stuff for some reason) in the streets.

A new movie set to be released this Friday will feature the Ten Commandments from the Bible in a very unflattering way.

”The Ten,” written by the same director of Wet Hot American Summer, is a compilation of ten different stories, each depicting one of the ancient commandments given to Moses by God.

Christians have expressed their concern about the film and how it degrades and insults God and His laws. Many critics, however, believe the movie will have little influence.

“The Ten Commandments have been a cornerstone of our society for nearly one hundred years,” explained “The Ten” director David Wain on the film’s website. “If you’ve ever taken a Sunday off, or if you’ve ever stopped yourself from murdering someone, then you yourself have been following the Ten Commandments without even knowing it.”

The film has a number of stars in it including Paul Rudd, Adam Brody, Gretchen Mol, Winona Ryder, Oliver Platt and Jessica Alba. Each of them either stars or plays minor roles in each of the short scripts. Each uses the Bible to create a foundation for an often inappropriate caricature.

A main example of one of the acts tells the story of a virgin librarian who takes a trip to Mexico and experiences a sexual awakening with a local named Jesus H. Christ.

Other shorts include a prisoner coveting his inmate’s “wife,” a woman who steals a ventriloquist doll after she falls in love with it, and a police detective who covets his neighbor’s Cat Scan machine.

Some Christian leaders feel that the film is part of a larger trend of increasing antagonism toward Christianity and religion in America.

“This is going to be a very negative attack on faith and values,” said Dr. Ted Baehr, chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, to World Net Daily. “It’s very sad society has descended into this attack mode.”

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2 Responses to “Film Spoofs The Ten Commandments”

  1. So many, many times I find my quotables placed out of context.

    To say this film will be a “negative attack on faith and values”, especially coming from a Reagan-era conservative Christian like myself, is the pot calling the kettle black, as it were.

    A visit and perusal of my website will find, in no short order, that I am on a constant negative attack against some or any of the following people of their own faith- and value-systems:

    Democrats; homosexuals; pagans; agnostics; atheists; Mormons; communists; Maoists; Marxists; neo-Marxists; libertarians; those who oppose capitalism; Romanticists; Wiccans; Sixth- and Seventh-Day Adventists; Muslims; Islamic people; Islamofacists; liberals; Mexicans; evolutionists; Philip Pullman; people who do not like C.S. Lewis; feminists; revisionist historians; the liberal media; all countries not in the Coalition of the Willing; big Government; environmentalists; Palestinians; Hamas; transgendered people; Left-leaning actors; philosophers who do not fully endorse the existence of God the Father; JK Rowlings and the Harry Potter books. This concludes the list.

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