NJ Law Enforcement Ordered to Report Illegal Status of Suspected Criminals

This is something that should have been happening anyway. It should be prevalent in all cities and states and should not have to be “ordered”.

An immigration reform organization is not surprised that law enforcement officers in New Jersey are being ordered to notify federal immigration authorities whenever they arrest suspects who are determined to be illegal aliens.
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The mandate, issued by the state attorney general, follows a review prompted by the brutal slayings of three Newark college students. Two of the suspects in the case are illegal aliens. One of them, Jose Carranza from Peru, had been granted bail for child rape and aggravated assault charges without immigration officials being alerted about his existence.

John Keeley, a spokesman for the Center for Immigration Studies, says Newark is suffering from unwise decisions made by its civic leaders. “Once again a criminal alien was let go for political reasons — and now that Newark is the spotlight, their political leadership is paying a price for their political correctness … and it’s had tragic results there and [is] now a national story,” he says.

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