California Teacher Offended by NEA’s ‘Manipulative, Dishonest’ Tactics

I grew up in a house with teachers. I know that they never really liked having an association with the NEA.

Confidential strategy directives from the National Education Association urge the union’s field representatives involved in the collective bargaining process to “attack the chief school administrator” and “mislead” their own members.

NEA Block the BossOne strategy the NEA calls “Block the boss” calls on field reps to “Attack the chief school administrator. Charge him with poor mismanagement, poor working conditions and rotten personnel relations.” The objective is to remove the school’s chief from the bargaining process, giving the field rep “a clear shot at the [school] Board.” (Click here for an enlarged view of the image to the left.)

The directives urge NEA field reps to “mislead” their own membership during the collective bargaining process, the purpose being to “begin the process of dissatisfaction” — and to “continue to mislead” the member teachers “to start to personalize the conflict in the negotiations.”

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