King Herrod’s Temple Quarry Unearthed

Archaeologists have discovered the quarry King Herod is believed to have used during a renovation of the biblical Second Temple, offering a rare insight into the construction of one of Judaism’s holiest sites.

Israeli archaeologists unearthed the “sensational” pit while inspecting a construction site for a proposed school in an orthodox Jewish Jerusalem suburb.

“This is the first time stones which were used to build the Temple Mount walls were found,” said Yuval Baruch, an archaeologist with the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA), involved in the dig.

Mr Baruch said coins and pottery found in the quarry confirm the stone was used during the period of King Herod’s expansion of the temple in Jerusalem’s Old City in 19 B.C.

Researchers found an iron stake wedged in one of the massive stones and apparently forgotten.

“It stayed here for 2,000 years for us to find because a worker didn’t know what to do with it,” said archaeologist Ehud Nesher, also of the IAA.

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