Border Security Activist ‘Dis-Invited’ to Reappear at Columbia Univ.

The duplicity of the liberal left in our educational system is beyond belief.

The founder of the Minuteman Project says although he supported the decision by Columbia University to allow the president of Iran to speak at the school on Monday, he’s disappointed that the same university will not allow him to speak early next month.

In October 2006, Jim Gilchrist was just beginning his address at Columbia when an unruly group of protestors stormed the stage, forcing the school to abruptly cancel his speech. Gilchrist has hoped to return to Columbia, and says he was tentatively invited back for an October 4 appearance — until some radical groups protested. “Two very, very radical anti-American groups decided to force the Columbia Political Union to hold an ad hoc meeting, I guess an emergency meeting, to revoke their university‚Äôs invitation for my presence to speak at the campus,” he states.

He says while those radical groups had a problem with what he had to say about securing the borders, they did not appear to have the same problem with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “[Here is] someone who promotes weapons of mass destruction, who promotes the literal annihilation and death to every Jew on the face of earth. So if you are comparing points of view, I am just a goody two-shoes compared to this other guy,” explains Gilchrist.

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