Kennedy, Smith Succeed in Tying ‘Hate Crimes’ Measure to DoD Bill

The liberal dems are still trying to create a “two tiered” legal system where people of certain sexual preferences (homosexuals) are given a special protected status. Two tiers of laws: a harsh set of penalties for offenders of homosexuals and a lesser set of penalties for those who harm the rest of us. How fair is that?
Of course, the only way to even stand a chance of getting it pushed through is to attach it to a defense spending bill.

A pro-family activist in Washington, DC, is decrying the Senate’s passage earlier today of a bill that would federalize the prosecution of so-called “hate crimes.”

By a 60-39 vote, the Senate passed a controversial amendment to the Defense Authorization bill sponsored by Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts). The Kennedy amendment expands hate crime law to include crimes motivated by gender, “sexual orientation,” or disability of victims.

It angers Barber (Matt Barber, policy director for cultural issues at Concerned Women for America) that the Massachusetts lawmaker “would hold our soldiers hostage” with the defense spending bill by attaching what he describes as a “totally unrelated, dangerous” hate crimes amendment. “[He’s trying] to force President Bush’s hand,” says the CWA spokesman, “and the president has signaled that he will veto this bill because they are trying to attach this very dangerous amendment.”

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