‘DREAM Act’ Unfair to Legal U.S. Citizens, Says Immigration Reform Group

I’ve taken a lot of criticism about this issue lately.
I still have to stand by what I’ve been saying. The main question to ask is “what part of illegal do people not understand?”
I’ve said many times that the immigration system is broken. There is no reason why it should take up to ten years for an immigrate to be granted legal entry into our country. This system needs to fixed.
But with that said, there still is no justification for breaking the law. There are many “bad” laws in this country. Knee-Jerk reactions by politicians in order to bring home “pork” or trick people in to believing they deserve to be re-elected. But these laws are still laws, and we should obey all laws. If enough of us don’t like them, we use our voices to tell our elected representatives to change them. If our elected officials refuse, then we vote them out of office; replace them with someone we feel will do what we ask. This is how democracy works.
The latest liberal Democrat “feel-good” ploy is to allow illegal aliens reduced college tuition, a service not offered to citizens.
Did you all get that?
People coming to our nation illegally will be granted reduced college tuition, while our citizens and legal nationals are not. The illegal immigrant are being treated better than the citizens of this country.

An immigration reform organization says a bill that would give in-state college tuition benefits to illegal aliens anywhere in the U.S., without affording the same rights to legal immigrants and citizens, is completely unfair.

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) has reintroduced the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, which is referred to as the “DREAM Act.” Senate Bill 2075 would provide illegal aliens who crossed the border, when they were 15 years or younger, a fast track to citizenship as well as the in-state tuition rates. Durbin and his bipartisan contingent of co-sponsors refer to such individuals as “undocumented students” who cannot attend college without legal immigration status. Many of those people, they point out, “had no choice in the matter, coming to the United States with their parents at a young age.”

“A legal immigrant or an American citizen, say in Nebraska coming into Los Angeles, California, today, has to pay out-of-state tuition,” [Mark Cromer, a senior writing fellow for Californians for Population Stabilization] explains. “Yet an illegal immigrant coming illegally into the United States from a foreign country gets in-state tuition. The American citizen is actually penalized for essentially being a citizen,” states Cromer.

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2 Responses to “‘DREAM Act’ Unfair to Legal U.S. Citizens, Says Immigration Reform Group”

  1. Mrs. Mom says:

    I think you are unclear on what the DREAM Act is. The DREAM Act does not provide “in-state” tuition for undocumented students. That provision was taken out of the bill. That provision was also grossly distorted in the first place, as a scare tactic, but is now irrelevent.

    I am a citizen of the United States, and a Mother, and a Christian. I strongly feel that the DREAM Act, while indeed following Jesus teachings, also is very practical. These are young people who came to the United States as children, they have grown up as part of our society and speak our language. It makes good economic sense to have them working in legal jobs, carrying actual identification, and joining the service. It will contribute to our economic security and vitality.

    An additional plus to the DREAM Act is that these are young people who seem to generally support strong family values.

  2. Steve says:

    The “in-state” tuition amendment was removed after this post was made. It was in there and it DID grant in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.
    I’d like to make a point with you, please:
    As a liberal, you have little to no concept of who pays for these entitlements. You are all for doing the “feel good” solution and forcing everyone else to pay for the education of people who are not even supposed to be in our country.
    What you fail to understand is that these “poor” people are not only breaking the law, but that you and those like you are making others pay for them. Many of the people paying for these illegals are almost in poverty themselves, but because they law abiding citizens or legal immigrants, they are paying their taxes.
    Jesus and the apostles tell us that it is the church’s responsibility to support the poor. Never once do they mention it being the governments role.
    If you really want to do the “Christian” thing, then you should “adopt” one or more illegal immigrants, and pay for them to go to college out of your pocket. It’s unfair to make everyone else chip in just so you can “feel good” about all the wonderful “Christian” things you’ve done.

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