‘Meathead’ Endorses Hillary

Okay, I couldn’t resist this one. Rob Reiner, the original meathead, and many other Hollywood meatheads will be plugging for Billary.

Hillary Clinton is picking up the key endorsement of director Rob Reiner, giving her campaign a further boost in the race for key Hollywood politicos as she solidifies a commanding lead in many polls.
Reiner, one of the entertainment industry’s most politically active figures, says that he waited until now to endorse Clinton after meeting with all of the candidates except Mike Gravel.

“Based on the experience I have had in politics, and I have been on the front lines in a lot of these fights, I came around to realizing that we do need the most experienced and most qualified person to run the country,” Reiner said on Wednesday

His nod sends a further signal that Clinton is locking up her entertainment industry support after an unexpectedly strong challenge earlier this year from Barack Obama.

Along with celebrities such and George Clooney and Matt Damon, Obama does have the endorsement of Oprah Winfrey, who helped raise more than $3 million for him at a recent fund-raiser, but it’s not yet clear how or whether that will translate into votes. Although it has been rumored, the campaign has not as yet announced any plans for Winfrey to go out on the campaign trail for Obama.

Because of Reiner’s political involvement, his endorsement may have resonance within the industry, particularly among those who are undecided or who have yet to contribute to a campaign.

In addition to his advocacy of early childhood health care and education, Reiner has stumped in the past for John Kerry, Howard Dean and Al Gore. He said that he has no plans as yet to go out on the trail for Clinton, but “I am going to do whatever the campaign asks me to do.”

First up will be a Clinton fund-raiser that he and his wife, Michele, will have at their home on Oct. 21. That event will double as a 60th birthday celebration for the New York senator (she celebrates the milestone on Oct. 26).

While Reiner has longtime ties to the Clintons, he is close friends with Gore, and the director admitted that he had at one point held out hope that Gore would get into the race.

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