The Islamic Nation of France Burns Again

Once again, our spineless press refuses to make note of who these rioting youth are. Let me set the story straight then. They are Islamic. Muslims. The cause of the riot? Two Muslim “youth” stole a motorcycle and without helmets, were involved in a traffic accident with a police car. Both “youths” were killed.
When is Europe, especially France, going to wake up to the enemy in their midst?

PARIS – A French mayor called for calm on Monday in his Paris suburb, where dozens of youths clashed with police overnight after two teenagers were killed in a crash with a police car.

The violence brought back memories of the 2005 riots in Paris suburbs, when thousands of cars were torched after two teenagers were electrocuted and killed in an electricity sub-station after apparently fleeing police.

“I’m appealing to all inhabitants, and notably young people so that we can get back to calm in our town,” said Didier Vaillant, mayor of the town of Villiers-le-Bel north of Paris.

“Since yesterday, we’re in mourning. Last night, the town has suffered,” he told i-tele television.

Around 20 police officers and firemen were injured in the overnight clashes, officials said. The town’s police station caught fire and that of the neighbouring town, Arnouville-les-Gonesse, was ransacked.

Police sources said the two youngsters, who were 15 and 16 years old, were riding on a stolen motorcycle without helmets when the accident happened on Sunday.

“It was not a chase but apparently a traffic accident,” a police source said.

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