Saudis Release 1,500 Al Qaeda on Promise to Be Good

With “friends” like the Saudis, who needs enemies?? Since when have terrorist ever kept their promise?? NEVER!!

All it took was a promise not to wage jihad on the Arabian Peninsula for the Saudi royal family to free 1,500 imprisoned Al Qaeda members, declaring they had been “reformed.”

The kingdom’s Interior Ministry released the terrorists last weekend, according to the Saudi newspaper Al Watan as reported by the New York Sun.

In an interview with Al Watan, Muhammad al-Nujaimi, a member of the special committee to reform jihadists, said the Al Qaeda terrorists have pledged to end their campaign to rid the Arabian Peninsula of infidels.

“After several graded sessions with the committee, and having been convinced of their misguided vision, they renounced their erroneous ideologies, including the concept of driving out all infidels from the Arabian Peninsula,” al-Nujaimi said, according to The Sun.

The 1,500 had been rounded up in crackdowns that began in 2003.

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