“Ft. Collins Boulderized: the Task Force that Denied Christmas” By Sheriff Jim Alderden

Ft. Collins is becoming more like the imbecilic borough of Boulder than many would like to admit; where social agendas substitute for common sense.

Last week, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly righteously ridiculed the recommendations of Ft. Collins’ Holiday Display Task Force on The O’ Reilly Factor. For the uninformed, the Task Force recommended that only “white lights and secular symbols not traditionally associated with any particular holiday” be permitted. It further recommended “removing red ribbons from wreaths and removing stars and ornaments from trees.” Acceptable symbols of winter include “snowflakes, snowmen, snowballs, ice skates, skis, penguins, polar bears, white lights, etc.” (Penguins? This is dangerous territory. What about those of us who were traumatized by Danny DeVito’s performance as Oswald Cobblepot in Batman Returns? Skis? What about the poor who can’t afford to go skiing? How elitist and insensitive!) The Task Force managed to avoid any reference to Santa Claus, AKA St. Nick, but one would assume the jolly old gentleman would be banned due to the association of saints with religion.

While the secular progressives have tried to take Christ out of Christmas, supported and bolstered by the ACLU which is waging its own Jihad against Christianity, the majority of Americans, including those living in Larimer County and Ft. Collins, recognize and value our Christian heritage. Valuing our heritage while being tolerant of other religions!

Let us not forget that the separation of Church and State is a fairly modern creation of the Supreme Court, not the views of our Founding Fathers and certainly not expressly found in our Constitution. Our Founding Fathers fought in part for the right of citizens to freely express their religious beliefs. Express – not suppress. It seems that government at all levels is more interested in suppressing Christian beliefs. The recommendations of the Holiday Display Task Force are clearly designed to suppress the thanksgiving and joyfulness of Christians for the birth of Jesus Christ.

In the interest of political correctness and cultural diversity, the Ft. Collins’ Holiday Display Task Force caved to the left and denied the faith and heritage of the majority. It’s in vogue.

I would love to visit Israel some day. In a Jewish country, I would expect to see symbols such as the Star of David and Menorahs in the public square. In an Islamic country, one would expect to see symbols representing the faith of their nation. Why in America, a country founded on Judaic Christian values, would we exclude symbols of our faith from the public square? Why not display a Nativity scene?

The fact that we are even engaged in a discourse of whether Christmas trees and Christian symbols of faith should be allowed on city property is absurd. When one is sliding down a slippery slope, there comes a time to dig in your heels, grab the nearest branch, and hold on for dear life. Our country, and sadly our own community, has reached that point where people of faith and good conscience can no longer stand silently while a belligerent minority usurps our heritage and dictates how and where we express our religious freedoms. It is time to make a statement–to grab that branch, in this case a pine bough.

Most of the members of the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office are Christians and celebrate Christmas. We pray for the continued safety of our brothers and sisters in blue, and recognize that the laws we are sworn to uphold have their very foundation in the laws laid down by God through Moses. Our criminal codes are based on Judaic Christian doctrine. To deny that by restricting symbols of Christian faith on public property is beyond the pale. In recognition and celebration of Christmas, members of the LCSO will be displaying a Christmas tree – not a holiday tree – on our front lawn at 2501 Midpoint Drive. We will be decorating the tree on December 1 at 10:00 a.m. and invite members of the public who share our faith or object to government intrusion into our religious freedoms to join us.

In order to ensure that no tax dollars are spent on this “unauthorized” display, donations of lights and ornaments will be gratefully accepted. Might I suggest that red ribbons, stars, angels and multi-colored lights would be in order? We will strive for (dare I say) “uniformity,” not diversity, and request the largest and brightest LED lights, size C-9 ¼. ($9.99 at Walgreens with 50% off the second set.). Lights, decorations and donations can be dropped off at our headquarters and left in the lobby or vestibule at any time. (No frightening penguins.) Please attach your name so appropriate thanks and recognition can be given in our Bull Sheet publication. Donations for Santa Cops, to ensure a joyous Christmas for disadvantaged children in our community, will also be accepted. Please join our LCSO family and share our joy on December 1. Refreshments will be provided.

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