French “Youths” (Muslims) Riot for Third Night

Commentator Maxence from France had this to say:

“As french, i can tell you that our country is very slowwwww in some ways, US got youth camps since years, here maybe in 20 years we will maybe be able to do something, but here too many people won’t give their veto to say yes, ok let’s give a try, people want to try another things that youth camps, if you do that here, you’ll be a racist, if you say that we should put these ppl in psychatric care or in jail, everyone would say that you are and still a racist, whahtever if it’s true or not, these days, you can’t do or say anything against these ppl here, because we are all sitting on a bomb and because you will be considered like a racist, IT’S NOT VIOLENCE BUT AN EXPRESSION OF RAGE !!?? yeah let me laugh, we say that since the 70s and nothing changed, I think it’s time to do something, it’s always because they are poor, easy excuse.. During years, the tag walls, burns cars, garbages, steal all the time, force women to have sex, if you look at at them in the eyes, you’ll get a knife planted in your arm, they are just crazy.. They are considering the police status like their enemies, but really.. Look that great example, 2 boys on a little motorcycle without light and protection were riding very fast in there area, a police car patrol was driving pretty slow, the motorcycle came of front of the police car and killed the 2 boys and the police officers went our their car and call the emergency, but they had to go away from the crash area because a lot of nervous ppl came to fight the police, they will probably killed them if they haven’t leave the place, i’m sure about that, these ppl are savages and they can’t calm themselves down. And look now, everyone is saying that the police car were chasing them and killed them !! this is ridiculus, 5 ppl have seen exactly what happened from different place, and it’s still exactly the same deposition, it was an accident, a stupid and sad accident for sure, but that’s it !! and now it’s not enough, some ppl want the “real” truth and the reponsables, but it’s just crap.. Here we really need a police like in the united states, a strong police, with respect and force. My France, shame on you..

Maxence from france”

I’m glad that he feels our police are strong. I do to, but I agonize over how many times the liberal judges make our police officers’ valiant efforts at prosecuting criminals naught.

VILLIERS-LE-BEL, France – Youths rampaged for a third night in the tough suburbs north of Paris and violence spread to a southern city late Tuesday as police struggled to contain rioters who have burned cars and buildings and — in an ominous turn — shot at officers.

A senior police union official warned that “urban guerrillas” had joined the unrest, saying the violence was worse than during three weeks of rioting that raged around French cities in 2005, when firearms were rarely used.

Bands of young people set more cars on fire in and around Villiers-le-Bel, the Paris suburb where the latest trouble first erupted, and 22 youths were taken into custody, the regional government said. In the southern city of Toulouse, 20 cars were set ablaze, and fires at two libraries were quickly brought under control, police said.

Despite the renewed violence, France’s prime minister said the situation was calmer than the two previous nights. About 1,000 officers patrolled trouble spots in and around Villiers-le-Bel on Tuesday, he said.

The government was striving to keep violence from spreading in what was shaping up as a stern test for new President Nicolas Sarkozy. The unrest showed anger still smolders in France’s poor neighborhoods, where many Arabs, blacks and other minorities live largely isolated from the rest of society.

The trigger was the deaths Sunday of two minority teens when their motorscooter collided with a police car in Villiers-le-Bel, a blue-collar town on Paris’ northern edge.

Residents claimed the officers left without helping the teens. Prosecutor Marie-Therese de Givry denied that, saying police stayed on the scene until firefighters arrived.

Rioting and arson quickly erupted after the crash. The violence worsened Monday night as it spread from Villiers-le-Bel to other impoverished suburbs north of the French capital. Rioters burned a library, a nursery school and a car dealership and tried to set some buildings on fire by crashing burning cars into them.

Officials have pledged tough punishments for rioters: Eight people were convicted Tuesday in fast-track trials and sentenced to 3-10 months in prison, the regional government said.

Police reinforcements were moved into trouble spots north of Paris on Tuesday. Helicopters flew overhead, shining powerful spotlights into apartment buildings to keep people from leaving their homes.

“The situation is under control,” said Denis Joubert, director of public safety for the region surrounding Villiers-le-Bel.

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