Georgia Congressman Hails Latest Stem-Cell Breakthrough

I love this. Now the abortion mills have one less reason to supply abortion on demand.

In November, Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University and colleagues announced they succeeded in directly reprogramming human skin cells to turn into embryonic-like stem cells. The researchers produced what are called “iPS” cells by adding four genetic factors to a human skin cell.

Now a team led by George Daley of the Children’s Hospital in Boston reports it has been able to use the same four genes to derive iPS from fetal lung and skin cells, from neo-natal skin cells as well as from skin samples taken from a healthy human volunteer. No embryos are created or destroyed, and no cloning or eggs are needed in the process of producing iPS cells.

Representative Dr. Tom Price (R-Georgia) says two years ago he took to the House floor and told members of Congress if they were patient, scientists would solve the ethical dilemma surrounding embryonic stem-cell research — and now his words have been validated.

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