Bhutto’s Husband, Son to Succeed Her

Bhutto’s son and husband are already in grave danger. Stepping into her shoes is like asking to be killed. When you are dealing with Palestinian terrorists, preaching democracy is like a death wish.

Benazir Bhutto’s 19-year old son was chosen Sunday to succeed her as chairman of her opposition party, while her husband will serve as co- chairman, extending Pakistan’s most famous political dynasty to another generation.
The party also decided to contest upcoming elections, apparently ending the threat of a wholesale boycott by Pakistan’s political opposition as the key U.S.-ally struggles to transition to full democracy after years of military rule.

The decision was made at a closed meeting of the Pakistan Peoples Party central executive committee, three days after the two-time prime minister was assassinated in a suicide attack.

It catapults Bilawal Zardari, an Oxford University student with no political experience, to the center of Pakistan’s tumultuous public life.

“The party’s long struggle for democracy will continue with renewed vigor,” he said at a news conference. “My mother always said democracy is the best revenge.”

Supporters chanted “Benazir, princess of heaven” and “Bilawal, move ahead. We are with you.”

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