Huckabee Criticized by Liberal Media for Second ‘Covert Christian’ Ad

There really is nothing “covert Christian” about Huckabee. He is not the least bit afraid to show his Christian values.

According to CNN’s website, “for the second time in two weeks … Huckabee has aired a commercial in which a Christian symbol appears in the background.” The CNN article refers to a Huckabee campaign ad featuring the logo of the group Huckabee was addressing — the Iowa Christian Alliance (ICA). ICA’s logo is the Ichthys — the “fish” symbol used by early Christians to identify themselves to fellow believers without provoking persecution.

Robert Knight of the Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute says Huckabee’s critics are just showing their anti-Christian bias. “In past generations, candidates have been very open about their Christian faith, and recently [Connecticut Senator] Joe Lieberman was open about his Jewish faith,” observes Knight. “But people didn’t jump all over him, accusing him of wanting to impose his values on the whole nation — and yet they’re doing that to Huckabee now.”

“I think what’s happened is that a lot of people are jealous that he doesn’t seem to mind being shown speaking to Christian groups,” Knight added. “Some of the liberals speak to groups that don’t share mainstream values and they don’t want to show the symbols of their groups — such as Hillary Clinton speaking before the radical homosexual activist group, the Human Rights Campaign. I bet she doesn’t use that in an ad in Iowa.”

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