Maternity Units Turn Away British Mothers as Muslim Immigrants’ Baby Boom Fills Beds

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Maternity wards are being forced to turn away expectant mothers because they cannot cope with soaring demand from immigrants.

One hospital even had to shut its maternity ward for two months because its staff were needed elsewhere to deliver babies from foreign-born mothers.

An investigation has found the cost of providing maternity services for immigrants has more than doubled in only a decade to £350million a year.

The number of babies born to foreigners went up by 64,000 in 2007, piling pressure on maternity services

But the Government has massively underestimated the scale of the problem, and last year the number of midwives actually fell for the first time since Labour came to power.

According to an investigation by the BBC’s Ten O’Clock News, one baby in eight was born to an immigrant mother in 1997.

Now, the figure is almost one in four.

Spending on NHS maternity services has increased from £1billion to £1.6billion a year.

But this has not been enough to cope with increased birth rates.

The number of babies born to British mothers has fallen by around 44,000 each year since 1997 but the number born to foreigners is up by 64,000 a year.

This has raised the overall birth rate to its highest level for 26 years and almost 40,000 more babies were born in 2006 than officials at the Health Department expected.

The baby boom is piling pressure on NHS maternity services.

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