U.S. Supreme Court Will Decide FCC Profanity Rules

I have wondered for many years what increasing profanity added to a movie? Does it make it more realistic? What sad commentary of the state of our county, if that is true. Is it Hollywood continuing down the road of disconnect from the average American? What does it add to the storyline? What does it detract? Is it just an attempt to give Christians and those who find the language offensive an “in your face” response?
It will be interesting to see how the court rules on this.

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Monday stepped into a legal fight over the use of curse words on the airwaves, the high court’s first major case on broadcast indecency in 30 years.

The case concerns a Federal Communications Commission policy that allows for fines against broadcasters for so-called “fleeting expletives,” one-time uses of curse words. Fox Broadcasting Co., along with ABC, CBS and NBC, challenged the new policy after the commission said broadcasts of entertainment awards shows in 2002 and 2003 were indecent because of profanity uttered by Bono, Cher and Nicole Richie.

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said Monday that he was pleased with the court’s decision. “The Commission, Congress and most importantly parents understand that protecting our children is our greatest responsibility,” he said in a prepared statement. “I continue to believe we have an obligation then to enforce laws restricting indecent language on television and radio when children are in the audience.”

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