Gore: Global Warming ‘Deniers’ are Flat Earthers

Gore apparently believes that if he says something often enough that somehow it becomes true. He also has no logical arguments or valid data to support his claim, so he is reduced to name calling. Maybe someone should send him some “carbon credits” to ease his pain.
Oh yeah, for those of you who have not heard of “carbon credits”, these little gems are the latest form of “global warming creative accounting”. Let’s say that we have a family who, because of having a small house and/or driving a small car, or something like that, doesn’t use all of the energy available to them. Someone like Gore, who owns multiple “huge” houses, multiple “large” vehicles, and fly in private jets, can then buy these “credits” to offset their own astronomical energy use.
It’s the usual condescending activist’s “little people, I am someone and you are not; do as I say, not as I do” mentality. It’s way to have two sets of standards, one for us and one for them. Typical liberal duplicitousness and double speak.

Despite mounting evidence contrary to his hysterical proclamations, former Vice President Al Gore, he of the massive carbon footprint and $30,000 utility bills, is still clinging to his discredited theory of global warming.

In an interview with Lesley Stahl to air on “60 Minutes” this Sunday, Gore piously declares those who don’t buy his climate change theories are akin to crackpots who believe the earth is flat and don’t believe man landed on the moon in 1969.

Apparently rather than debating the merits of his argument in a rational and reasoned manner, Gore is left only with ad hominem attacks and smug condescension toward his critics.

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