Evolution’s Big Problems, Part 5

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When I started writing about what I thought of as “Evolution’s Big Problems”, I didn’t intend to make a multiple part article about many of the things wrong with the theory of evolution. It started out as more of a random thought that I wanted to share. I knew there were some discrepancies with the theory, but I never imaged they were so blatant and that a mere amateur, like myself, could poke so many holes, so easily, in it.
I got many comments in contention of my findings and data. I appreciate all of these comments, even though sometimes they were not presented in a kind and open minded manner. Each one carried merit in it’s own right. I was pleased that people felt that they could express their viewpoints freely.
The bottom line is, there are many questions concerning both sides of this issue, that will not be answered in the near or foreseeable future.
If nothing else comes from these posts, at least now there is a significant amount of data for people to examine at their leisure, and hopefully, come to an informed decision about this issue.
Thanks to all of you and God Bless!

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