Palestinian Girl killed When Used by Terrorist as Human Shield

It is amazing how the media loves to bury facts in order to make Pali terrorist look good.
In this instance, we have Pali terrorist entering a house full of civilians, firing on Israeli soldiers and then using the media to crow about a young Palestinian girl who was killed when the Israelis returned fire.
Notice how far down in the article you must read before they even mention what the Pali terrorist did to start the whole thing. Then the media only gives it one sentence!

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israeli forces grabbed a Hamas field commander from his Gaza home Saturday, setting off heavy fighting that killed the wanted man’s 14-year-old daughter and wounded 10 Palestinians, including seven gunmen.

The battle in the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahiya pitted Israeli helicopter gunships and tanks against Hamas men with mortars, homemade bombs and automatic rifles.

The fighting illustrated that Egypt’s latest attempt to broker a truce between Hamas and Israel remains a long shot at best. Hamas has offered to hold its fire for six months, provided Israel ends its nearly yearlong blockade of Gaza, but Israeli officials have been cool to the idea.

Damascus-based Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal said Saturday that acceptance of a cease-fire would be merely a “tactic” in the group’s struggle with the Jewish state.

The target of Saturday’s arrest raid was Talat Hassan Marouf, a Hamas field commander in northern Gaza. Hamas did not provide details about Marouf, but as a field commander in the border area with Israel he would presumably be involved in firing rockets at Israeli border communities.

The Israeli military did not publish his name, saying only that troops had seized a wanted militant.

At some point, Israeli forces surrounded Marouf’s house, with the family inside, and heavy fighting erupted. The military said troops came under fire from inside the house.

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