Not All Muslims are Terrorist, But Almost All Terrorist are Muslims

“Not all Muslims are terrorist, but almost all terrorist are Muslims”.
I thought about this statement as it floated across my mind the other day. Exactly who are the terrorist in the world today?
When I was a child, Arafat had just started his attacks on the innocent. The Cuban crisis seemed like it was introducing an airplane hijacking almost weekly. When one said terrorist, one’s mind jumped more to the Irish Republican Army more so than Islam. How that has changed.
“Islam” and “terrorist” are now almost completely synonymous.
Airplane hijacking has almost died away completely, let alone by Cubans attempting to return home. The IRA is pretty much non-existent these days. When one says “terrorist” today, one almost immediately thinks of Arab Muslims. Is this fair?
If one examines the current conflicts in the world today, regrettably, almost 95% of them are instigated or include Muslims. Aside from some eco-terrorist acts, almost all the others involve Muslims.
I’ve often said that stereotypes, although often unfair because they are generalizations, happen because a certain group is characterized in a certain way. They are characterized in this way because either a majority of their people meet this generalization or because a highly visible portion meet this generalization.
“Not all Muslims are terrorist, but almost all terrorist are Muslims”.
Terrorist meet the generalization.

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