Kansas Governor’s Fete Honors Abortionist

I wish I knew what was going on in Kansas. It’s not the state I remember.

The pro-life group Operation Rescue says it’s almost impossible to get any agency in Kansas to pursue criminal charges against infamous abortionist George Tiller because he has a very important ally — Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

Abortionist George Tiller is being investigated by the Kansas attorney general’s office, and calls have increased for charges to be filed against him. According to Operation Rescue, Tiller — along with his entire abortion clinic staff — allegedly was honored in April 2007 with a lavish secret party, thrown by one of his biggest supporters — pro-abortion Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

“Every agency that could be responsible for charging Tiller or disciplining him — like the Kansas Board of Healing Arts — is just loaded with appointees of Governor Sebelius, including the Kansas Supreme Court,” [Operation Rescue senior policy advisor Cheryl Sullenger] laments. “So what we’re having here is a real problem trying to get the laws enforced.”

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