Presbyterians (USA) Vote on Homosexual Ordination Today

An official with the Institute on Religion & Democracy says pro-homosexual forces seem to be making inroads at the meeting of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

The General Assembly meets every two years and has been meeting this week in Louisville, Kentucky. Today, delegates at the General Assembly are expected to vote on whether to ordain non-celibate homosexual men and women. Jim Berkley with Presbyterian Action of the Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD) says if the denomination’s highest governing body changes the constitution, it would be a disaster.

“It would allow homosexual persons to be ordained; they would remove our standard that we now have,” he states. “They would also go against some of the … church judicial rulings that have upheld our standards previously. As in one previous General Assembly, one gay activist said, ‘We got the whole enchilada.’ Well, this year they’re going for the whole enchilada again,” Berkley explains

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