Muslim Charged with Murdering Sister for Removing Headscarf

Another Muslim “honor killing”. This time over a teen girl’s refusal to wear a headscarf. How tragic.

Aqsa Panvez

TORONTO — The brother of a Canadian teenager who was slain in what friends described as a family dispute over a Muslim head scarf was charged with murder, becoming the second family member accused in her death, police said Friday.

Aqsa Parvez, 16, of Pakistani origin, was strangled in December at her Mississauga, Ontario, home.

Waqas Parvez, 27, who had faced obstruction allegations in his sister’s death, was charged Thursday with first-degree murder.

Their father Muhammad Parvez, 57, was charged with first-degree murder earlier this month. He had been a suspect since shortly after her death.

friends said her death came during a family feud over her refusal to wear the traditional Muslim veil. And the killing sparked debate in Canada about the conflict within immigrant families over traditional values and desires to fit into a new culture.

Parvez’s friends from her high school said the ever-cheerful girl faced an increasingly difficult home life. They said that Parvez would come to school wearing track pants and the scarf, but would change into close-fitting jeans and remove the scarf at school. They said her parents caught on and began following her to school to make sure she was abiding by their rules.

Classmate Joel Brown, 17, has said that the girl grew afraid of her parents and began showing up to school with bruises.

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8 Responses to “Muslim Charged with Murdering Sister for Removing Headscarf”

  1. ERS says:

    Thank you for blogging about this crime.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

  2. muslim says:

    please be wise about to publish about the religion, especially in internet coz everybody was reading, not just for your and your group (christian) self.

    be carefull to make people angry with your blog, like other religion outside your’s

    why you people like to publish about muslim news especially like abuse, murderer,. war, terorism.

    pls be wise to see youtself first before you see other people (religion),.. pls..

    why you always covering the bad news of your group and the other side publish the other religions bad news???

  3. Starbix says:

    Even though I don’t agree with almost everything that is posted on this blog, I will support their right to speak their minds on it. I will also continue to call them on statements that I think are wrong. That’s the beauty of the Internet, anyone can speak their mind on any subject. By the way, your statement to “be carefull to make people angry with your blog” sure sounds like a veiled threat to me and a cowardly one at that. As I said, I don’t agree with most of what they have to say but that doesn’t mean that they should be intimidated. Besides, if they stopped posting I wouldn’t nearly as much fun poking holes in their arguments. 😉

    “Don’t Panic.” -Douglas Adams

  4. Starbix says:

    “I wouldn’t nearly as much fun” should read “I wouldn’t have nearly as much fun”

    I am shamed.

  5. Beth says:

    Yes, you are shamed!!! How dare you use a sentence fragment on this blog! Be careful who you anger with your poor grammar!!! 😉

  6. Anonymous says:

    killing surely is forbidden in Islam for it is a peaceful religion.But muslim girls should follow the islamic laws.covering your head for modesty,is not an option in islam,you have to do it,regardless of the surrounding environment.not doing so results to infuriation of especially the male family members who abide by the islamic laws leading to the occurrence of violent acts like this.but still i do not think its fair for the girl to have been killed.other ways could have been used to make think its good to wear a headscarf

  7. Anonymous says:

    “…..make her think……”

  8. Steve says:

    You said “other ways could have been used to make think her good to wear a headscarf”.
    Other ways like…
    beating them?
    locking them up?
    threatening them?
    All of these seem to be standard for Muslims.
    Here’s an idea for Muslims; why don’t their men show some self control instead of blaming women. It’s not the woman’s fault what the man thinks, it’s the man’s fault. It’s his thoughts so he’s responsible for them.
    Maybe someday, Muslims will learn to stop blaming everyone else.

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