Iran blasts Big Five’s decision to transfer the Iran dossier to UN Security Council

Keep watching this. Iran is run by a madman and there is no telling what they might do.

Russia and China, reluctant to adopt this step until now, signed on to the US-European call to the UN nuclear watchdog at an overnight meeting of the five with Germany in London early Wednesday. They accepted the compromise of waiting for the SC to take up the Iranian case until after ElBaradei submits his report to the IAEA in March.
DEBKAfile adds: The holdouts were persuaded by the failure of the plan to transfer Iran’s enrichment program to Russia after Iran demanded full control over the facility’s production of centrifuges and the volume of output.
Furthermore, the Iranian nuclear negotiator who held talks with three European officials ahead of the meeting of the five came armed with a threat: if its case went to the Security Council, Iran would repudiate all former restrictions and go full speed ahead with uranium enrichment and other suspended parts of its nuclear program.
This declaration of intent to go ahead with building a nuclear weapon puts paid to the dispute among Western intelligence agencies on whether Iran has acquired the resources to manufacture sufficient enriched uranium for a bomb. According to one estimate, the Iranians already have 35-30,000 centrifuge units.
The IAEA board meets in Vienna Thursday.
Earlier this month, Iran broke UN seals at its uranium enrichment plant and announced the resumption of “nuclear fuel research.”

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