Views on Pornography Differ Among Sexes

Pornography is wrong. Period. There is nothing good that can come out of it. It is one of the reasons our society is so desensitized towards sex. I’ll even take it a bit further by saying that I believe that sex scenes in sitcoms and made for TV movies play their part in the pornography gambit as well. Call me old fashion, but sex needs to remain a private thing between and married man and woman.

(AgapePress) – According to survey findings released last fall by Harris Interactive, Inc., men and women differ in their views about the effects and possible regulation of pornography.
A Harris Poll in September 2004 revealed women to be much more critical of pornography, in general, than men. At the same time, a slightly larger number of women over men favor government regulation of online pornography, if such were possible. Specifically, 57 percent of women believe “pornography is demeaning towards women” as compared to 38 percent of men. In addition, 47 percent of women and 33 percent of men believe porn “harms relationships between men and women.”
While there was no unanimity regarding the impact of pornography on children, both men and women agreed the effects were mostly negative. Only 2 percent said “it helps kids better understand sexuality.”
Males and females share a similar view regarding the regulation of Internet pornography for the sake of children, although there is still an obvious difference among the sexes. For example, 42 percent of those polled believe the government should “regulate Internet pornography specifically so that children cannot access X-rated material online.” Broken down by sexes, 53 percent of women and 30 percent of men prefer such a policy.

2 Responses to “Views on Pornography Differ Among Sexes”

  1. beth says:

    Anyone who thinks that pornography is not the downfall of our society is completely misguided. Each person who views pornography (via internet, TV, magazines, etc), is not only hurting themself, but the society as a whole. Even when they are in the confines of their own home and no one else is around – their porn addiciton is hurtful to society. Studies show that a high percentage of rapists have looked at porn just hours before they rape. Many child molesters are mostly porn addicts. Even those addicts who dont rape or molest support the filthy industry by giving their money to the trash that makes the movies, websites, and magazines. Fathers (and mothers for that matter)are spending time watching porn instead of with their children. The more smut we see the more we become desensitized to it. I truly believe that porn (soft porn on TV or the other junk on the net or otherwise) should be outlawed completely. My kids should never be able to turn on the TV and see even a half-naked person, much less get on the internet and see much worse.

  2. It is very destructive. With the “soft porn” aspect appearing in TV shows and movies, I’m afraid to even turn on the TV anymore when the kids are in the room!! This is such a hurtfull thing for society, but as with most moral issues, the majority wants to everything to relative with no moral absolutes. It really says sad things about our society.

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