American mosques: Muslim terror outposts?

We often hear how Palestinian mosque are used as hiding places for weapons.
Whereas, we in the West respect the sanctity of the church, and therefor also the mosque, Islam has no compulsions of using a mosque for any purpose that furthers their aim of world domination by Islam.
Once has to wonder; if they are willing to hide weapons, train terrorist and build bombs in their mosque overseas, would they not also be willing to do so here in the West?
I believe they are.

An Arab-Christian activist is calling on concerned Americans to sign a petition urging Congress to conduct hearings to review radical Islamic materials being distributed in American mosques.

Brigitte Gabriel, founder of Act! for America, says there is sufficient evidence to indicate that tax-exempt Islamic organizations are selling or distributing material in mosques in America that rise to the level of a genuine threat to the nation’s security and liberty.

“We have found material that is exhorting Muslims to engage in holy wars – Jihad – against us, inciting terror and violence against us,” Gabriel contends. “They are calling for abolishing our constitutional form of government and replacing it with Sharia Law, which is the strict Islamic law.”

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