Controversial ‘Hounddog’ Movie Pulled from Theaters

It’s about time decency won out…

There’s more trouble for “Hounddog,” the controversial Dakota Fanning movie featuring a depiction of a rape of a nine-year-old that had opened last weekend and generated only about $1,100 from each of its 11 theaters.

A report at Contact today said officials at AMC theaters have pulled the film from its few theaters involved, and the report blamed the move on “mounting pressure from family values groups upset about a rape scene.”

WND had reported earlier on the take from the first weekend of the movie, which was released by Empire Film Group, whose officials jumped into the project after “Hounddog” caused waves at the 2007 Sundance film festival and was unable to attract a sponsor.

The company released the film for last weekend, but even before the release, blogger Steve Pill was reporting on a statement from the public.

“I received a somewhat rueful message of congratulations from Eric Parkinson, the CEO of distribution for Empire Film Group,” he wrote. “According to him, more than 200 theaters across the country had cancelled their scheduled screenings of the motion picture ‘Hounddog,’ citing pressure from ‘vocal groups.'”

Fanning’s behavior has been described as more explicit than what was required of Jodie Foster, who as a 12-year-old played a prostitute in “Taxi Driver,” a 1976 Martin Scorsese production, or Brooke Shields, who was a New Orleans brothel worker in the “Pretty Baby” movie from 1978.

The Numbers website noted “Hounddog” played in 11 theaters across Canada and the U.S. on its first weekend, with a total gate of $12,500.

The movie had been the subject of several investigation requests and was targeted just a week ago in a boycott launched by noted movie critic Ted Baehr of Movieguide and the Christian Film & Television Commission.

“These despicable movies promote pedophilia, whether intentionally or unintentionally,” said Baehr. “There should be a massive public outcry against them. The inclusion of children in sexually explicit films is inappropriate. There also is no excuse for the authorities to allow such material to be shown publicly.”

WND broke the story about the controversial movie when there were objections even while it was being made.

“As an adult whose job should be protecting children, we have to realize there are those who are willing to accept the blurring of lines between adults and children in sexual acts,” said Donna Miller, chief of the No More Child Porn campaign, which joined with Baehr. “Even experts such as the American Psychological Association promoted the blurring of those lines when they published in their journal the Rind Study that stated that sex between men and nine-year-old boys was not always harmful.

“I believe [director] Deborah Kampmeier also blurred those lines when she made Dakota Fanning’s character a sexually aggressive little girl at the age of nine,” Miller said.

“Much has been made about the rape scene regarding lighting – indicating that it was done in taste, etc. But there is no doubt that Fanning’s character asked a boy to expose himself, that she would give him a kiss for doing so, and had done so with other boys. What does this tell other little girls,” Miller continued.

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  1. Loki Freeman says:

    Stop spreading lies about Hounddog! These are the lies that are being spread: 1. Dakota Fanning is sexually abused by the father in the movie- FALSE 2. Dakota appears naked throughout the movie or in a flesh colored body suit – FALSE, this never happens even one time! 3. Dakota simulates a rape scene with a boy – FALSE, Dakota’s face was shot, the boy was not even in the shot, and she was just saying STOP IT! Dakota herself said she was not imagining being raped, she was connecting to the emotion of STOP IT!

    Furthermore, this movie has helped the few victims of child rape who have gotten to see it, despite all you compassionate religious types. The movie is about hope and healing and if you actually watched it, you would realize that. Or maybe you wouldn’t because you just want to get angry and self-righteous, i.e. “what does this tell other little girls”? Hello? Most children are curious and play the flippin’ you show me yours, I’ll show you mine game. That is a NORMAL part of childhood. They don’t show nudity in this film even once. So if it is child porn you object to, Hounddog is not porn, and you should stop persecuting it so it can reach the victims of child rape who woule benefit from watching it. BUT, if it is childhood you object to, if it is being human you object to, if it is any idea of sexuality you object to, then do everyone a favor and DON”T BUY A TICKET! Stop your campaign of lies!

  2. Jaysus says:

    But Saw V is still available for your viewing pleasure…

  3. simon says:

    [edited] you, oppressive [edited] Eat [edited]

    Please refrain from using profanity in your comments.
    Thanks and God Bless.

  4. frank says:

    sodomy is fun!

  5. Steve says:

    Frank (or Simon, since you are the same person),
    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Please visit often.
    God Bless!!!

  6. The title of this blog says it all. But, what is it saying? First, I think you and most Christians would be surprised to learn that the word “lord” is no more holy than the word “mister.” It was simply the way men, especially those of the ruling classes, were addressed at the time of the King James translation. It’s also why Mary is addressed as “lady” among Catholics. High class, not holy.

    Next, as a democratic idealist, the possibility of a king does not appeal to me. So, King of Kings is offensive.

    Finally, remember that the words “god” and “christ” are titles, not names. Christ is the English of the Greek “christos,”which is from the Hebrew “messiah.” God is derived from Old German and before that, Romanian, and other Slovakian languages. It originally simply meant ‘good.’

    PS To pray in the name of means to pray in the nature of. In the Biblical languages, the name suggested the nature of the person being honored by those giving that name to a newborn child. So, to pray in the name of Jesus is to pray in the nature of Jesus i.e. to stand before the Creator as honored offspring, as heir, as perfect. Jesus told us to avoid looking for the Kingdom (Presence of Spirit) anywhere but within. Separating ourselves from the Spirit, making ourselves sinners and unworthy, is the greatest of blasphemies.

    I know you are presenting what you believe to be the Truth. I respectfully stand in opposition to all you teach here. But not in opposition to you, as a few of your commenters have done. (I am not an atheist, just in case you may think that.)

    Many blessings.

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