And Yet Another Demonstration of the True Colors of islam

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I really like what islam has been doing the last week or so. Maybe it will wake the world up to the fact that no matter what islamist want you to believe about them being so peacful, they will never be a relgion of peace.
On on top of that, if you believe that your right of “free speech” would still exist under islamic rule, just take a look.

And Fox News is reporting Clerics: ‘Rioters Are Defaming Name of Islam’. Now wait a moment…
Just were did the “average” muslim learn this stuff? I’ll tell you where; from the islamic clerics who spout anti-Israel, anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Freedom rhetoric at every prayer time!! Look at the picture below. The people are burning a Danish flag. But can you see what they are burning beside it? A flag of Israel!!
And as the mob fire bombs the Danish embassy in Tehran, Iran, what are they chanting? “Death to America”.
You islamic clerics can just stew in the mess you’ve created. You can’t and won’t have it both ways. The secret of islam is out for the world to see. You are a religion of death, violence, destruction and intolerance. You have never been and never will be a religon of peace.

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